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Bad House
Bad VA Mortgage

The Rules Have Changed


UPDATE: The rules for buying and selling a house in a post-covid world are no longer the same. Everything has changed. What you've read before is now obsolete. 


In a post-Covid world, the rules to buy or sell a house have changed.  New questions arise. “Is this the right time to buy a house? Should we sell or hold?” “Did we make the right decision?”


Military families thinking of buying or selling a house, better think twice.  It’s not a matter of “if” orders come but “when.” Think wisely and plan ahead. CBS News recently asked the question, “How hard is it to buy a home right now?” The answer: “Beyond crazy and frustrating.”

For the first time, Bad House - Bad VA Mortgage teaches the best way to buy and sell your house in this hyper-competitive market. You won't get such solid advice from Google, your lender or your real estate agent.


Where does this leave the military buyer used to putting $0 down and negotiating terms in this super-competitive housing market? Forget it! You don’t stand a chance. Wrong. You can win and come out ahead, even in this competitive market.


Here's what you're up against:

  • Half of home-buyers are putting 20% down according to the Wall Street Journal.

  • A quarter of the buyers are paying cash.

  • Many houses are getting multiple offers and selling over the asking price.

In such a competitive market, you may need to offer more than the asking price. But, here's the catch. The house must appraise for the loan amount. If you're forced to bid $2,000, $5,000 or more above asking price, you may have to bring cash to the closing to make up the difference. 

However, paying too much can make it harder to sell down the road when you move. It's not a matter of "if" orders come, but "when." It's a two-fold problem.

  1. Buy the wrong house and pay too much. The house becomes your biggest headache..

  2. Take out a VA Mortgage the right way and it's your best friend. Take out a VA Mortgage the wrong way and it's no longer your friend. It is now your WORST ENEMY!

What's the answer? You can still successfully buy a house and make it work. It boils down to three words:


Common Sense Rules

Bad House - Bad VA Mortgage outlines the factors that can make up the difference between buying a bad house with a bad VA-backed mortgage vs. a good house with a good VA-backed mortgage. You must have a plan in mind. Once the horse is out, it's too late to close the barn door. Yes. You can win!

Thank you for serving.
Stay Safe!


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